Live. Laugh. Jazz.

About once a week I get an email from a student in my fourth period class entitled, “Jazz.” Or “Ya Like Jazz?” Or my favorite, “DEFINITELY NOT JAZZ!” And they all contain the same thing.

The Bee Movie script.

Every. Single. Time.

It will go something like this-

Me: Hi, welcome class!

Student 1: Ya like jazz?

Student 2: Hi miss jazz! Read anything interesting lately?

Student 3: I’m going to make you a sign that reads, “Live. Laugh. Jazz.” or better yet, “Jazz. Jazz. Jazz.”

Seriously, this is an every day thing.

Here is what an email of the Bee Movie script looks like. So absurd.

I’ve never seen this so called Bee Movie but supposedly it’s about a bee falling in love with a woman, and the whole thing just sounds very odd.

But it’s our thing.

This group of students know that if they email me the script, it will make them laugh and me smile or sigh or both. It’s the delicate glue that is holding my 4th period together right now. And you know what, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It is the magic of that class. It’s the magic of our classroom community.

It’s silly, weird, and mostly (besides clogging my email) harmless.

Despite my concern, I know they are learning and due to the Hamilton memes they also send me, they are also learning history. Even more so, they are forming lifelong connections and friendships with one another. It’s not the main goal of my class but building a family within our four walls is.

And if a ridiculous plot about bees and nonsense Hamilton memes are what it takes to get a shy girl in front of her classmates to announce that she sent the movie script that day, then I’ll take it. A thousand times over again.

It’s our weird and wonderful. It’s everything I hoped for when I stepped in to Norton Middle School for the first time almost five years ago. How I looked at the brick and wood panelling and knew. I knew in my core that God would change me inside those walls forever. I’m so glad He did.

With Love,

Miss Stewart. Or Miss “Jazzy” Stewart, to you, 4th Period.

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