How To Support Local Right Now

*Post updated on 3/17

Hey Central Ohio! Here are some ways you can practically support small businesses during this season.

Quick Tips to Support During This Time:

-Get a gift card from the store to use for later

-Online shopping specifically at local shops near you

-Support Etsy accounts

-Donations to companies you value!

-Get back in there once re-opened 🙂

1. Antonio’s Pizzeria-The Best Pizza In the Universe. (Westerville, OH)

Have to start off with my family’s place (sorry I am biased). I’m struggling to imagine this place that started with my sweet Nonna and Nonno will not have customers gathered around the tables. In the meantime, they are still offering carryout and delivery services.

Current special of make your own pizzas at home!


Carryout: Available!

2. Vernacular-A dream boat experience! (Grandview, OH)

One time they were an hour to closing and I was the only one in the store and two of their workers HYPED ME UP. And directed me to sweater options that were right for me. So yeah, I heart these people.


Online Shopping: Available!

Current Hours:

Tues, Wed + Thurs 12p-7p
Fri + Sat 11p-7p

3. Cub Shrub-The Cutest Kids Shop in America (Grandview, OH)

All of the sweetest gifts I’ve purchased for children in my life come from this store. And their toys are organic and locally sourced. I adore them. 


Online Shopping: Available!

4. Cherbourg Bakery-Dietary Restrictions? What Are Those. (Bexley, OH)

Gluten-free options that are actually good and nut-free choices! Such a gift. Truly, it is a bakery as cute as the town it sits in.


Online options: Available!

5. Prologue Bookstore-Our City’s Brightest Bookstore! (Columbus, OH)

This is the kind of bookstore that allows for good conversation and cozy spots to curl up and read! Such a warm and friendly environment. They are closed through the 16th but do offer online.


Online shopping: Available!

6. Scotty’s Cafe-Hidden Gem of This City! (Bexley, OH)

So near and dear to us is our family friend’s place, Scotty’s Cafe. The people who own this place are salt of the earth kind of folks and they make you feel instantly loved every time you see them.

Photo credit: Scotty’s Cafe and Catering


Carryout Option: Available!

7. Soothing Sloth Soap Co.-For Skin Smooth Like Butter. (Cleveland, OH)

Not local to me, but two of my most favorite humans run this business and they are worth supporting! Sean and Zach are local to CLE and angels on earth. I bought a lotion from them a few months ago and save it for only special occasions because I am that obsessed.

Copyright: Soothing Sloth Soap Co.


Online Shopping: Available! (*praise hands emoji*)

8. Stauf’s Coffee-Hot Coffee, Even Hotter People. (Columbus, OH)

Ok, I don’t know about the hot people, but I’m running out of taglines here. Great coffee and service & they are committed to Central Ohio!


Online orders: FREE SHIPPING + available!

Current Hours-6:30-6 pm

Carryout option: Available! 

I’ll add on as I learn about more and friends share more with me! Also, I will try to update if these businesses change status. 

Please additionally consider donating to theatres, dance studios, galleries, etc. that are the heart and soul of our city! Musicians and artists depend on concert venues and audiences to make an income. 

Love to you all! Stay safe. 



2 thoughts on “How To Support Local Right Now

  1. Ashe says:

    I love seeing posts like this: there are just so many ways to support people without physically visiting an establishment (bless the Internet). I’ve been buying a little more coffee than usual lately from American roasters, as well as signal boosting as many small creators I can.

    Speaking of which, I haven’t heard of Stauf’s Coffee Roasters, so I’ll be checking them out. Thanks for spreading the word!


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