Today started rough.

You ever have those days where it’s just a bad day and you don’t know why? You’re just cranky or moody for some reason.

My day started off just like that. Even coffee didn’t help.

We had a staff meeting at school this morning and I found myself missing the days where I sat in the same room as all of my co-workers. Where they could reassure me after a staff meeting that I’m not the world’s crappiest teacher and I am doing the best I can. Virtual doesn’t provide this kind of assurance and it bums me out. Realizing I use the word, “bums” in exchange for “depresses” because that word is…depressing.

Love a good inspirational quote. Live, laugh, love. Ha.

I’ve been remote for three days and I already wish I were with my students. Talk with them, laugh with them, just be around them.

And then, they did it again.

Middle schoolers found a way to brighten my day and shake the mood I was in.

Four years ago, my co-teacher and I started something called Current Events project. It’s where the students present on current events. Clever title, right? The title is lame but the meaning behind it is not. Students choose something that is newsworthy and relevant, they present on it, and then ask questions that spark conversation. I give them as much structure as needed but they are the ones doing the work.

Today one girl met with me on google meets and she practiced her presentation before sharing it in 5th period. It was on LGBTQ+ laws. Her classmates responded to her questions and were shocked by how recently some laws were passed, that they had not been there before. She crushed it.

And then another group presented on Muslims in concentration camps in China. Their facts were succinct and to the point. They showed the story in full and did not hold back. The response from their peers was outrage and cries for justice. Conversations ranging from what can the government do to what can we do? Who do we talk to about this? It is enough to inspire a bummed out teacher.

I mean, c’mon! They are awesome.

On top of all this, friends and family sent donations for families in need in my community & at my school, and I am reminded of the charitable spirit of my loved ones.

All this to say, that I could have let today be a loss but 14 year olds made it a win. They don’t realize that they are world changers, and yet, every day they change mine. My world has once again been rocked by these wonderful + wild human beings. They are going to do phenomenal things on this earth. Mark my words.

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