Our Platform

I’ll never forget the day it happened.

I was maybe 500 feet from the education bldg. at Bowling Green State University.

And I remember the nudge, the calling, the pull. God. Not in the audible sense, but as a thought.

“I want you to help others. I want you in a field that is not about you.”

My whole life I longed to be seen and known. I wanted notoriety. I dreamed of studying Broadcast Journalism, working at a local news station, and grinding all the way up to my big dream of being a talk show host. Hadn’t I been the girl in high school who knew exactly what my plan was? Why else was I putting myself through hours of editing b-roll in the newsroom at school if not for this very moment? Why change now?


WKHS News Anchors

God knew better. He just did. He changed the platform. He changed the narrative.

Today, thanks to our librarian at school, I was reminded of this very moment. How I stopped dead in my tracks and altered my course forever. And the new dream was to love and lead as a middle school teacher and coach in an urban setting.

My students are my new dream. They are the most valued people in my life next to the cherished family and friends.

Sometimes we think we need a “platform”. A space online or in the real world to influence others. I hear celebrities and runway models speak on their platform, and what a gift it is to share their heart on the platform they were given. How they were given a platform as such a time as this. And it so is-it can be such a beautiful thing in the right hands. Platforms can be used for tremendous good in the world. There is no doubt about it. 71879410_1501962093278325_7980288139228872704_n.jpg

As teachers, nurses, firefighters, doctors, parents, police officers, accountants, store managers, we have a platform.

Your platform is bringing lunch to their school when they forgot.

Your platform is cheering them on from the sidelines.

Your platform is holding their hand when they get a shot.

Your platform is adding stickers and stamps to well-done papers. 

Your platform is keeping us all safe. 

Your platform is reading books aloud to children young and old.

Our platform is to do our jobs every single day. To love each person that comes in our path with the best of our ability. To give without holding back. For our families, our spouses, and our vibrant community.

How much better each of those platforms are because of you. You have a platform. It does not look the same as theirs, but your platform, even if it changes one-does something their platform could never do.

Your platform changed that one.

Maybe that one will stop 500 feet short from their new dream. Maybe that one will find a cure. Maybe that one will fight for social justice. That one will move mountains. And that one will have done it because of you. Wonderful, brave, bold, and fiercely loving you.

Never forget your works matters.

Never forget, our platform and our people matter more.



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