8th Graders are hilarious.

This is my second year teaching. I am still a hot mess. I mean every day just sort of a “Welp. That just happened,” attitude. I’m forever the shrugging emoji. (See below).

I asked my co-tewoman-shrugging_1f937-200d-2640-fe0facher to keep an eye on the class as I had to use the restroom. Well coming back, I was in a rush because I knew this class period was a challenge and I didn’t want to leave him alone for long. On this day, I happened to be wearing particularly slippery shoes and of course, I slipped.

More of a trip, drop and slam your knee than a slip. Lucky for me, no one was around.


Five of my 8th-grade boys are standing nearby and one, in particular, is dying with laughter.

One rushes to my side, “Miss Stewart, are you ok?”

“Oh, I’m fine, more of a bruised ego than anything.”

I go into my classroom like nothing happened, and hobble to my desk. To continue my good fortune, I was wearing skinny jeans and couldn’t assess the situation.

The day continues and later on, I see the student in the office who cracked up.  He tells our discipline lady, “Miss Stewart tripped up the stairs.” She laughs and says, “Where?!” Upon explaining she replies, “Yeah, I’m going to need to pull the videotape.” Ha. Ha. I happen to have this same student at the end of the day and he walks in, announces to the room, “Guys, Miss Stewart tripped up the stairs. It was hilarious.” This student also has a lisp so when he said “hilarious”, it sounded more like “hilawious.” Which simply added to the humor of it all. “Don’t worry, we’re gonna pull the tape.” All of this causes a breakout of laughter.

“Yup. True story, guys.” More of the shrugging emoji.

And that’s the way teaching middle school goes many days.  Tripping over your words, and prepared lesson plans falling apart. Instead of bruised knees, sometimes a bruised self-esteem. In reality, I would not have it any other way. I love my students.  I love what I get to do.

Also, isn’t that often the way that life goes? No matter how much we plan or prep, something goes awry? One part of the plan always seems to unravel.

However, I have also found the shoes with more traction are best.


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